The Quirk Auto Group's success story is deeply intertwined with the communities it serves. For over 50 years, we've not only provided top-tier automotive services in Augusta, Bangor, Belfast, Portland, and Rockland, but we've also been a dedicated and active community partner, nurturing economic growth, and fostering community wellbeing.

In Augusta, our story of commitment and involvement flourishes. As active participants in community life, we support local initiatives and charities, thereby stimulating the local economy and ensuring sustainable growth.

In Bangor, where our journey began, we are committed to uplifting the community that nurtured our dream. Our active participation in local events, contributions to charities, and initiatives to improve the livelihood of community members underline our dedication.

Belfast saw us expand our reach, and we take pride in being an integral part of the local economy. We continue to contribute positively to the community fabric, fostering connectivity, and stimulating growth.

In Portland, we have become more than just a business; we are a part of the neighborhood. Our efforts focus on making a positive impact by supporting local endeavors and contributing to the betterment of society.

Finally, in Rockland, we stand as proud community partners, continually exploring ways to contribute towards creating a resilient, thriving community.

From hosting local events to backing charitable causes, from creating local employment opportunities to supporting sustainability initiatives like the construction of our 1-megawatt rooftop solar array at our Hogan Rd. facility, The Quirk Auto Group firmly stands by its commitment to its communities.

Driven by our guiding principles of striving for customer satisfaction, appreciating our employees, and serving our communities, we look to the future with a renewed commitment to continue making a positive impact on the places we call home. Our journey is just as much about selling cars as it is about strengthening the bond we share with the communities that have been integral to our 50-year history.

Born, raised and educated in the State of Maine, the Quirk family has been selling and servicing automobiles in Maine, for over forty years. In just over forty years, our corporation has grown from five employees to over four-hundred; from one franchise to fifteen; from three family members to sixteen. The Quirk family is dedicated to the spirit of Maine and has a vested interest for continued prosperity in the communities in which we serve. Throughout all the changes, my family has held true to our guiding principles:

"Work hard to ensure customer satisfaction at every opportunity and appreciate the valiant efforts of each and every employee." Proudly, we have and will remain a family owned and operated corporation true to our roots.

- Jack Quirk Jr.


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